Homebreak Surf Shop is owned and operated by Simona & Ward. Though just recently married in 2018, the couple has been actively pursuing their dreams in and out of the water since 2011.

Ward has been surfing since he was 10 years old all over the Bay Area. Simona, who was born and raised in San Francisco, spent her weekends at the beach but didn’t pick up a surfboard until meeting Ward in 2010. Together, they have surfed up and down the California coast, in Puerto Rico, Hawaii, Canada, and Austin (yes, inland Texas!).

In 2012, the two started their own surf lesson company (WB Surf Lessons) where they taught lessons for many years to all types of people, young and old. Ward brought with him a sense of humor, athletic ability, and patience that was essential to teaching people to ride waves. With a background in child psychology & trauma, Simona focussed on teaching young children and women how to surf and has done extensive research on the benefits of surfing for those suffering with PTSD.

After taking time to both go back to school and further their careers, Simona & Ward are now focused on (re)creating their tight knit community of people who are all connected by one very powerful source: the ocean.

~ Home is where the surf is ~