WB Product Review: Hurley Fusion 3/3 Men's Surf Boot

The Hurley Fusion 3/3 Men's Surf Boot

The Hurley Fusion 3/3 Men's Surf Booties is one of the longest lasting and most durable pair of booties that we've ever tested. 

It's features are:

  • Micro TPR sole: maximum board feel/ durability combination
  • Split toe leash guard: flexibility of split toe with function of round toe.
  • Arch Strap: enhanced fit and stability
  • Heel Cup : added support from vulcanized tpr eliminates heel fit.
  • Supratex abrasion panels:added durability in high abrasion areas

It's materials consist of:

  • Upper: 3mm hollow fiber.
  • Ankle: 3mm Exoflex
  • 100% Nylon

The seams are glued; compression bonded; blind-stitched and vulcanized seam seal rubber.


The Good:

As we said before, this is one of the longest lasting pair of booties we've ever tested. These booties are really durable. The design keeps water retention at the feet (aka. ballooning of the booties) to a minimum because of the velcro strap around the opening which is a great help when you're out in the surf. It's also one of the cheaper options of booties out there, going for $45 at Hurley

The Bad:

The thick rubber makes it hard to feel the board under your feet. The grip is adequate but there is not as much grip as some of the other brands. 

The Bottom Line:

Although this bootie doesn't give you the feeling that you're not wearing the, it does keep your feet warm for a long time making them a good choice for the surfer who's session time is cut short due to the cold. It's