WB Product Review: Xcel Drylock Hood 2mm

The Xcel Drylock Hood 2mm

$39.95 at Tactics

Screen Shot 2014-01-10 at 8.15.03 AM.png


2mm hood with Quick Dry Lining - an UltraStretch SmoothSkin double flap neck dam - face seal - adjustable elastic cord/cinch - Wind resistant Texture Skin outer hood and bill.

Like all Xcel products, this hood is durable and warm with its wind resistant skin and quick dry lining. It is probably the warmest we have ever tested. The bill is also perfect size; large enough to help block out the sun but not get in the way.

As good as that may be, it doesn't work well. First of all, the flap neck dam makes it extremely difficult to turn your neck. Since 90% of surfing requires turning your neck it poses a real problem. The hood is also not long enough in the neck making the flap neck dam seem pointless.


This hood is very warm which helps us here in NorCal and it is definitely durable. It has glue stitching and a perfectly sized bill. Its soft skintech is also a nice addition.


This hood is not long enough in the neck if you're a bigger guy/gal and it's weak on flexibility. The head hole allows for some flushing if you don't pull the cinch tie tight. Additionally, the texture skin outer hood creates a vacuum that can push into your ear which can be painful as when water does get in, it sits at the ears.


This hood is great for warmth but if your not surfing somewhere freezing then you will want to go with a hood with more flexibility.