Testimonials — See what our students are saying about our surf lessons.

Simona was a patient, talented and very helpful instructor. Now I’m ready for Maverick!!!!
— Gino S.
So to recap:
- WB Surf is awesome and I highly recommend it
- Ward and Simona are super great and knowledgeable. Perfect if you have never touched a board before or if you want a refresher (note: I did take 2 lessons with Ward).
- If you love dogs - their dog is super sweet and will welcome you when exiting the water...so there’s a plus for your fellow dog lovers
- The photos of the experience are just a great added bonus. Plus following them on Instagram for the “Fall of the Week” is a guaranteed laugh!
— Bill U.
I first went surfing with him about a year and since that time, he has taught me everything that I know. I can’t tell you how great a feeling I get going out in the water. It relieves stress and is so much fun. As for Ward, he is patient and a great instructor. Second to none. Go see WB if you are interested in learning how to surf. You will not be disappointed. I guarantee it!
— Doug G, 32, San Francisco
Ward picked a great beach with perfect-sized beginner waves. Simona was very knowledgeable and quick to respond to our emails and questions. They are a great pair. I’d definitely recommend surf lessons with them for anyone interested in giving surfing a try.
— Alex G.
Great surf lesson for my 6 year old daughter. Ward was super patient with her. He took the time to make her comfortable and answer her questions.
— Steven K, Sweden
Wow....what a patient guy! WB was super patient and watched, guided, and coached him for a full 2hrs! His pricing was VERY reasonable. Such a nice guy as well as his photographer Simona. I highly recommend hiring them if you are serious about taking some surf lessons. You won’t regret it and you’ll have a blast.
— Michelle, Fremont
They were both very patient and funny, which made me feel at ease. At the end of the day, I was so stoked and couldn’t wait to go out and try again.
— Stephanie
“Why pick WB Surf Lesson ...

- amazing, knowledgeable, and fun instructors
- guarantee you will learn how to successfully pop up
- picture is included (proof you surfed)
- private lesson = more hands on
- wetsuit/board is already included in the lesson
- reasonable price for private lesson
- the experience is priceless
— Ahline A.
This is a solid operation. Starting off, Simona was super responsive and informative in helping me set up my lesson time and explaining what to expect during the lesson. Once we met up and got in the water, Ward provided helpful and appropriate feedback throughout my lesson. We went for the full two hours and Ward was on point the whole time. Thanks Ward and Simona!
— Jacques P, San Francisco
Ward is an excellent teacher, extremely patient and encouraging and above all, he knows his craft. I would encourage anybody, young or old who wants to learn how to surf to go with Ward. You’ll be happy you did.
— Liam B, San Francisco
Ward and Simona are great at what they do. My girlfriend and I took the 2 hour private lessons and we had an amazing time!
— Edwin F.